The Influx are a DJ duo from Toronto. Trevor "Elvis Dylann" Zimmermann (DJ Elvis) and David "The Business" Taylor (formerly DJ Kenobi - new name TBA) started DJing and making music in 2001. Their Summer BBQ Recipe Vol. I mix from 2004 was a banging hit and is finally getting its long-awaited sequel dropped very soon. 

In the meantime, OMNIMIC Communications is proud to present this off-kilter ambient weirdness from back in the day:


The Tiger Dream

2003 | Streaming Link

"Our friend once recounted a dream he had. Luckily the tape recorder was rolling."

Both members of the Influx independently produced 60 minutes of ambient audio (including the dream story) within 1 week then mixed the audio together. This is the result. To be filed under WTF!!!