A Three-Record Set on Two Compact Discs!

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For those who like their OMNIMIC without all that rapping and profanity, OMNIMIC Communications is proud to present The Complete OMNIMIC Instrumental Sessions: a two disc set featuring all the backing tracks assembled by Col. Bickerstaff & His Orchestra for the OMNIMIC project, arranged chronologically from the first tentative experiments with the "half-assed method" back in 2009 to the elephantine sound collages that concluded the sessions.

So, why not print off the libretto and sing along to your favourite OMNIMIC jams? Or, even better, make up your own words and belt them out yourself to one of our fine instrumental backings. Certain to amuse all but the most elderly of patients and guaranteed to break the ice at parties!


Disc 1

  1. The Half-Assed Method, Part 1
  2. The Half-Assed Method, Part 2
  3. The Half-Assed Method, Part 3
  4. Green Party Of Saudi Arabia
  5. Dimetrodon
  6. Bogus Riot Blues
  7. American Falcon
  8. The Indo-Hittite Hypothesis
  9. Fanfare For The On-Fire Tyger I
  10. Chimkent
  11. Frunze
  12. Alfredsson
  13. Captain Veyron

Disc 2

  1. Free The Chimps!
  2. Astrotrain Mode 7
  3. What The Record Player Said
  4. Indrid Cold
  5. TP Mazembe
  6. Thinko Danko
  7. Contra Arnold
  8. Fanfare For The On-Fire Tyger II
  9. Gedotcusoa
  10. Doctor Inna Lumber Truck
  11. Elvis Dylann (Main Title Theme)
  12. Yog Sothoth Rising
  13. Hammered Elephant
  14. Elephant Hammer