Dramatis Personae:

By now you may be wondering who we are and what we're doing here.  Some biographical details:


OMNIMIC: A half-man, half-tapeloop of pseudo-cybernetic originations.  Using his powers of musical discernment, he is here to save the world from the ravages of bad-taste.



MC REW: A hypeman, herald, and chorus (in the Ancient Greek sense, not the pop hook sense). Keeps the crowd amped with his guerrilla marginalia.



The Solution: The Heavy of The Crew.  Brings violence and much justified mayhem.



MC Feedback: An old skool b-boy from early 1980s New York City brought to the present by the time travelling properties of records.  Sensei of The DJ Dojo, he instructs The Crew on the fundamentals of hip hop.



buffer.overflow: A viral hacker and indestructible beat grenade. Incorporeal, he is made out of Trojan code.




BOiS Mk. 1: A disgruntled robot who, fearing his imminent obselescence, has turned on his evil former masters and joined the cause. He loves using his Triple Changing abilities to create confusion among his enemies, enjoying the fear in their eyes in the moments before he destroys them.




Steven Seagal: A reincarnated Lama and Deputy Police Officer who didn't want to resort to violence, but didn't have a choice, and he isn't taking any chances this time (because he can't).



From their secret base, The Hook Depository -- an underground fortress and record archive, OMNIMIC & The Machines of Doom write songs to right wrongs, punishing foes with their consummate flows, and will free the masses from robotic enslavement and textual destruction.

The Hook Depository in its robot, base, and vehicle modes.